Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development

It is the office of the federal executive power in charge of the administration, regulation and promotion of primary economic activity.


SAGARPA Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food

It is the unit of the Executive Federal Power that has among its objectives to foster the exercise of a support policy that allows to produce better and take a better advantage of the comparative advantages of our agricultural sector, to integrate the activities of the rural environment to the productive chains of the rest of the economy, and stimulate the collaboration of producer organizations with programs and projects as goals and objectives for the agricultural sector, as proposed in the National Development Plan.

CONAPESCA National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing 

It’s the decentralized organ of the SAGARPA, responsible of the design and handling the fishing and aquaculture public policies. Its main objectives are management, planning and promotion of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the enforcement of the law on the matter.


IAES Aquaculture Institute of the State of Sonora

It is an institution strongly committed in promoting aquaculture activities in the State of Sonora, through the production of freshwater and marine offspring, research, technical assistance and professional training.


CREMES Reproduction Center of Marine Species of Sonora State

It is the biggest laboratory in the country which produces 50 million seed and larvae of oyster and clam per year. It is the first laboratory that produces certified seed and has an installed capacity of 100 million. The technological development of marine species of high performance such as Mackerel, Sea Bass, Botete and Totoaba takes places in this center.


CIBNOR Northwest Biological Research Center

CIBNOR contributes with social responsibility to impulse Mexico to its maximum potential through the generation and disclosure of border knowledge, innovation and training of scientists and experts in the biological science field as well as in the use, management and preservation of natural resources.