Cygnus Ocean Farms (COF) is a marine aquaculture company based in Mexico focused in research, sustainable breeding, reproduction and marketing of the totoaba fish (Totoaba Macdonaldi) in an environmentally responsible way; this through innovative research and implementation of the best technology and science available. COF headquarters are located in Mexico City, however the projects take place in the States of Sonora and Baja California.

Today, we are facing a global crisis due to overfishing and overexploitation of fishery products, which is why COF is committed to advance safe, responsible and sustainable marine aquaculture in our country. Our company will develop and promote the reproduction and sustainable breeding of species of high quality, as the totoaba and at the same time it will preserve the environment. By being able to breed and commercialize this species in a legal way, illegal fishing of the totoaba will be reduced, thus helping preserve the Vaquita Marina, which is also an endangered species.


Develop and promote aquaculture management and field laboratory for research, breeding, sustainable breeding and marketing of species subject to special protection of the Gulf of California in an economically viable way through equipment and technologies.